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AustinBach Hair

Our premium hair is made using only the finest cuticle intact, double drawn, 100% Remy human hair.

They are intelligent wefts, meaning that they are the flattest weft available. They can also be cut to size. They are seamless to the head and created for a perfect install.
Some shedding is a common occurrence even with natural hair. These are made of human hair, so some shedding is natural. Excessive shedding will not occur.
Text 786-366-3741 or call 561-717-8834. We will provide support in a timely, pleasant manner. Customer satisfaction is a priority with AustinBach.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping will take place and tracking can be done within 24 hours on Monday-Friday.
Yes, we do ship internationally. International shipping charges will be applied.
No, we do not ship to P.O. boxes
We ship from Boynton Beach, Florida


Hair extensions give you a quick and healthy way to add volume and length to your own hair. There are many reasons. They blend so naturally with your hair and also allow you to add color and even highlights without damaging your own hair.
If installed and treated properly, the correct professional shampoo, daily brushing and using serums, they can last up to a year
Yes, we recommend 2-3 times weekly using only professional shampoo
Yes, with a thermal protectant but no more than 375°